Friday, May 11, 2007

Tourist stuff

Peabody Hotel. They got ducks hanging out in the fountain.
So, that's their whole deal.

Lorraine Motel. According to the review on, "convenient location, but room was dirty, card keys didn't work, service was horrible, blood stains everywhere."

I had received so many e-mails requesting a photo of country music singer Charlie Louvin getting off the bus, I felt I must oblige.

I had never heard of this fellow, so I went home and looked him up on my Internet.

According to, he apparently wrote a bunch of movies, many of which, quite frankly, I had never heard of. Although, his 1985 made-for-TV movie "The Long Hot Summer" featured William Forsythe. You remember him from "Raising Arizona." (see below)

We went and checked out the campus of Ole Miss. I thought it was progressive of them to have this statue of James Meredith, who just 45 years earlier, in a landmark event in the Civil Rights movement, became the first black student to attend classes at the university.

Naw, I'm just messing. It's a memorial for Confederate soldiers.
Did I have you going?
I'm a rascal.

Here's a Buddy Guy concert we stumbled upon.

And, we end the night at Graceland Too.

This museum is fantastic. And it's open 24-7. Ring the doorbell at any hour of the night, and the curator will gladly give you a tour.

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