Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What I ate today

Before I get on with what I ate today, I'd first like to say "Hey!" to my dear friend La Olgita. This "Hey" is not to be confused with "Hey" as in "Hey, how you doing? Oh my god! I didn't know you shopped at this HEB," this "Hey" is more along the lines of "Hey! Who touched my burrito that I left on the counter?" or something like "Hey! Now look what you did! Now I have expectations placed upon me to actually update this Web site somewhat regularly!" For with a few swift punching of keys, La O has directed her knitting thug-buddies over here to read and harrass, which is about all knitting thug-buddies do. This aggression must not go unchecked. YO LA REPREHENDO!

Anybody who's anybody in the blogging world knows that writing something regularly requires effort. And that would most certainly be taxing upon me. As we all know, the thing is to be as reprehensible as possible without doing anything taxing. THAT is the crux of the thing, the art of the beast, the title of the blog, and that which brings glory to this great nation of ours.

Today I ate cereal, three quesadillas, pretzels, two more quesadillas, bread and cheese, and then another quesadilla. Pictures at 11.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chinese New Year

Oh, the anticipation!!! And the elbowing and shoving. And the little kids throwing firecrackers.

A dramatic re-enactment of the classic children's story
"Harry Potter and Leopard walk up to Dragon"
Winner of the Newberry Award 1998.

This tradition dates back to the Xhuang Dynasty (1390 B.C.E.)

FREE TIBET!!! (This little boy's name is Tibet.)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

To blog is fun having!

What I ate today:
salad dressing.
peanut butter filled pretzels.
4 quesadillas.

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